AQUARIUSБългарски език

2016 will bring opportunities for financial and material stabilization. Complex cases or court case of a financial nature will be completed. There will be a final parting with a man over 35 years. Many Aquarius men will end a dwindling love affair or marriage. The decision will be definite, regardless of the price you have to pay for such a separation.
A conflict with a young man will occur; he will try somehow to take advantage of your ideas or opportunities for good income, profit.
Probably experience of such a person will hurt you in some way.
There may be difficult financial relationships with men born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Difficulties will arise if you have to get money from them.
During the year there will be important news events related to a sister or other female relatives in your family. It is possible to have shared actions related to documents and other common interests.
Invitation will come for a visit by a woman that will cause you travel outside your community/country. This will be a successful year for Aquarius women dealing with writing, education and any training. Marital problems in young women may be at the core of a slight cooling of relations with parents, given their interference in your personal life or vice versa.
Any interference of parents in your personal life will cause the emergence of insincerity in your relationship, secrets or attempted manipulation.
There will be an event associated with marriage, which will be communicated after the fait accompli. You will be willing to spend more money for fun and take part in different games / lotteries, profit. The year does not bode well for such "successes", so better be careful how much you use for such entertainment. Costs associated with the now grown-up children will cause you too much pressure. Sometimes you will need their understanding and support, but things will not work out according to your expectations. If you are in treatment related to your desire to be a parent/to have a baby, be careful where and to whom and for what you give money.
During the year you will be replacing equipment with which you work, a new kind of production (if you are producers), getting rid of old production equipment and others. If you have material responsibility in your work, be careful and alert. There is a likelihood of type of theft or misuse, which you may have to pay for or be punished. If you have at work / business partner/colleague born under the sign of Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer expect a delicate situation to occur that will test your relationship. There will be a positive development, however, in your business relationships with representatives of the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. During the year if you plan a marriage with one person, may be it will develop that you will end the year with another person. In this plan many surprises are possible. Married Aquarius people will enjoy exotic or special trips with their spouse to a place or in a country where you will experience unforgettable memories and emotions. There is the possibility of events associated with heritage, obtaining benefit from relatives of the spouse and others. During the year there will be development of your occult and mystical interests or abilities. There is no reason to fear what you are about to experience.
There may be some changes of your complex religious or philosophical views, which will be linked to the place / environment where you will feel "in your own place". Events that you experience have already been experienced in another of your lives There will be a successful development for those who are involved in higher education. Success may come to you in a lawsuit which was launched last. If you take a trip abroad to work, or for marriage - you may have a difficult start, but you will stay in the place to which you are going to travel. If you have a child or grandchild born under the sign of Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus this year, you will experience anxiety about his/her public appearance. You may be glad of a difficult success, well-deserved recognition and tribute to the heroic deeds performed by you.
The career of young parents will often "suffer" from the more important care associated with little children. It will better will be for those of you who will be able to rely on parental support. Others will want to wait for a better time and not injure their child with the unnecessary actions. If you are a public figure it is possible that your child or grandchild to be used in some way to "attack" against you. The year is favorable for the start and development of your future projects related to new social or professional purposes. You may encounter difficulties or setbacks of "well-wishers" but do not give up, nor waste time to explain your actions. Everyone has his own path ....
2016 will be favorable for any long distance travel, emigration, displacement of residence, family reunification. You may be surprised by an unexpected source of money, to find forgotten or hidden objects, or money. This year it is important to help others, to share yourself positively. Then fate will surprise you with events and opportunities that you have not had the courage to imagine.


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