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In 2016, born under the sign of Taurus, you will experience an event of importance related to a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio woman. It does not need to be your relative, and it doesn't matter with what particular event will occur, it will be reflected primarily in a personal plan for you, one which will affect your personal life in some way. During the year, you will have an important support, assistance from a woman, regardless of your own sex. Thanks to such a presence in your life, you will be able to win the right to love someone, to work at something that you want, or go somewhere you dream about. Your main resources during the year will come from your job or business. Money / payment can be a reason for changing work, accepting a post / position for better pay, departing to work abroad for higher income. Changes may occur in your business in order to increase profits, but there you will be dependent on someone else, either a partner or a momentary market situation. You will expect exceptionally good money returns, rent returns, etc. Unpleasant events or a complicated relationship will develop with a brother or sister. You can experience a lot of strong emotions in such relations with them, especially if you live separated from them in different cities or countries. It will be hard to plan trips during the year, because events and circumstances frequently will change your plans, will cause delay, postponements, or outright refusal. Be careful with your comments, especially when you have a problem and a reason to blame someone for it. It is possible to have a totally wrong impression and injure someone with an unfair accusation. During the year, it may be necessary to take special care for the health of a loved one / parent, born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. You will have a delicate relationship with the spouse or intimate partner of your parent. You yourself can create problems for your parents because of a friendship with a person who has serious shortcomings or is in unclear situations.

An invitation will arrive for the engagement or wedding of a young man or from the spouse's side (if you are a woman). You will get the news and you will be glad of more boy births during the year. You will see strong performances by a son or grandson in areas such as theater, sports, entertainment, or in some part of society. There will be the possibility of an unexpected result of a lottery / lotto by a child. In some will have a difficult time emotionally connected with engagement or wedding of a former romantic / intimate partner. If you have decided or if you want to try your luck in another city or country to work, prepare for unexpected problems or a discrepancy in your expectations about what you are promised. Going through a short but difficult period, you will be able to come to the right place and be glad of luck and opportunity to implement your plans, dreams and desires. You may have too many suspicions, and they may become redundant; you may have too high expectations, and they prove to be unrealistic. As I said, there will be a short period of turmoil and trials, but then it appears your chance will come to find your place. Be careful when buying a car or other vehicle. There will be some delay receiving a large sum of money or a document linked to such money, but it will be on reasonable grounds, despite serious circumstances. You may have higher costs related to a relative born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius because of a complex, delicate relationship of a financial nature you have with them. Overall, you will have great expectations and hopes for financial income during the year, greater than they actually will be, but that does not mean that you will have problems. In men, this year there will be unpleasant or complex moments in your relationship with an intimate girlfriend, regardless of your own position: that is, whether you are married or not. The truth is that your relationship is very emotional and has a future, but the expectations and desires of your partner demanding your hand at this stage raise difficulties. There will be new romantic acquaintances for Taurus people that will cause trouble with female relatives or with a daughter or granddaughter, depending on your own age. There will be a birth of a boy during the year in your family or the family of your closest relatives that will happen on a special day or that will be associated with some special, unexpected circumstances. This will be a year in which children and grandchildren will experience a changing life in which you will have some involvement, or some kind of intervention. More importantly, it will be for good. Taurus men will give important support or will get help in a difficult moment of a child or grandchild. 2016 may be remembered for the legacy of a transfer / lease of property by a parent or relative of the same sex as yourself. There may be a change the home, such as a sale or purchase, exchange or rental. This will be a difficult year for those whose business is related to sales or construction. Above all, be careful what you put money into and avoid loans, engagement with others, banks, etc. Will have a difficult time in the career (work or education) for someone in your home. You will receive a special gift or gesture of attention from a friend which you will receive on a special, important day, birthday. Suddenly you may want to take part in charity work associated with raising funds for people from another country or from another part of your society. You will receive new furniture and new equipment in your home. This will be a successful year for a lawsuit of a financial or property nature, and you will avoid pressure or worry about people and circumstances in this plan. There will be the development of an unexpected asset to your home. During the year a delicate situation will affect your personal / intimate life; it can cause jealousy, conflict, a temporary loss of confidence. Remember that this is a test and be very careful with your words and decisions. Do not become involved in the love life of your loved ones, because the blame for complications there may be yours.


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