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For Sagittarius, 2016 will be the year of increasing change associated with work or career. You will have the best opportunities to achieve certain goals, strengthening your position (career, for example), and improving your progress.
You will make a fresh start in a new field or business.
Materially - property issues will be more complex, with slow development of what you like or desire, and overcoming larger obstacles, hurdles and higher costs will take time.
It is possible to that there will be an emergence or unpleasant situations of a financial nature associated with a child, grandchild, or a nephew born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.
Attempted fraud or manipulation involving money will somehow involve a child or young person in your immediate surroundings. Conversations with siblings born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn will be associated with general finance, financial interests or obligations.
Such conversations may take place with other relatives with respect to preserving, storing, or dealing with common property or common interests.

There will be travel related to the settlement of financial interests or with some other purpose involving work in the country where you live.
This year will be conducive for success and profit from intellectual work.
You might start a new degree associated by moving to another city or country.
If you still live with your parents, 2016 may be the beginning of your own life. For those of you who are already living separated from parents, it is that the possible opposite will happen, that you will return to the "ancestral house" or care for its repairs and other.
The year does not preclude an inheritance for which you had no prior expectation / hope.
If your work is related to a type of art it is possible that there will be unexpected disruptions, delays, trouble and problems, mainly coming from Leo, Sagittarius or Aries people.
Year will not have a lot of time and opportunity for pleasure, because you will have priorities that can not be put of or be understated.
There will be unexpected trials in which you will be experiencing your own love / romantic relationships or the love of already grown children.
Avoid all forms of gambling and speculation.
As I wrote at the beginning, this is a year that you will go through a change in your performance associated with growth, rise, new position, or a new business.
Particularly good opportunities will delight young Sagittarius women.
There will be good income from work in your family if you have a Libra, Gemini or Aquarius spouse.
Women will spend a lot of money for cosmetic treatment, dentistry and other things related to their appearance.
In marriage and in your family as a whole stress will occur because of the need for care, special treatment or diet of a sick relative. Conflicts and disputes may develop related to various sensitive issues from your everyday life.
Hypersensitivity is the basis of most conflicts in your home.
Problems will arise with a former spouse about maintenance or other financial matters.
Before I continue, let me reassure you that in 2016 there will not be granted a divorce or separation for Sagittarius. Problems and trials mean that you must adapt to different characters, to cleanse and harmonize contradictions between you.
You will definitely have a reason to rejoice and to feel loved by both your partner and by his/her relatives.
Te will be financial income from your partner or relatives on his/her side (incl. inheritance).
You will have various strange experiences or dreams that will make you believe, to make sure that there is something more out in the real world in which we live.
There will be successful and productive development in relations with Sagittarius men who are abroad. You will be developing new friends and business contacts. A job offer will come from abroad and there will be an invitation from a relative or friend to visit another country.
You will begin a university degree/education or other higher degree.
In 2016 you will enjoy of successful public / political life if you are a public figure or are involved in a political party or political initiative.
Success in business for a woman from your family will be a reason to be proud or for arranging a gathering in your home.
There is an important role of the parent: for women - the mother, and for men - the father, no matter where they are.
2016 will enrich you with new friends from far and near. At certain points you will receive help from them, but you will have to help them, too.
This will be a year in which you will take part in a charity event or something associated with humanitarian activities.
You will realize expectations and plans relating to travel for meetings with friends and relatives from afar.
If you have a business, you will expand beyond the place where you live.
For those who plan to move to another country or to emigrate, where you go you will find it will be hard to find a job or you will be doing something completely different from what you've done so far.
There is the possibility of an unpleasant incident in your work.


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