SCORPIOБългарски език

2016 will be very different from what you thought it would be in the beginning. Be prepared for some changes and unexpected events.
There will be a big change in the lives of women over 35 years old. It may be associated with moving to another home, another city or to another country. It is possible that you will stay in another home for some time. Any changes that will befall you in the year are good and are part of your physical rise to a better level.
Substantial financial and material acquisitions will be enjoyed by men over 25 years during the year. This will not happen without the help of your family, which will be part of this success.
You can get strong support during the year by your father, grandfather, husband or another man in your family.
Significant changes will occur in the life and in the life of your brother / sister or in the lives of other close relatives; such changes will definitely make an impact on your own life.
Travel for single representatives born under the sign of Scorpio will be associated with romantic encounters, dating, or holiday with an intimate partner.
The year is favorable for the start or completion of higher education.

This will be a favorable year for artists who will release their books, they will discover an exhibition or other mode of presentation to the public.
Actions related with heritage, settlement of hereditary estate and other property will come from a young man in your family.
Many young people will take a pivotal step in their life, leaving their parents' home and settling in another place and in most cases, in another country. Conversely, those who are already outside their homeland will consider options for return, which will happen this year or next year due to various reasons and circumstances.
You have a very strong emotional bond with a father, who is in the Hereafter. You will have your dreams or you will experience strange events that will show you his presence around you.
At the same time you expect the completion of a long-strained love affair. This is a time for comfort and rest before a new start in your life. Do not rush ....
You will experience difficulties and concerns related to a child or grandchild, or pregnancy. Health ailments will arise that primarily will show problems to which you will need to pay more attention.
Bad news will come to you associated with your old love or romantic affair.
Still, you will talk with a new boss, manager, business partner or customer, and it will positively affect to your salary and your income as a whole.
You may also be receiving money from an unknown source.
There will be an opportunity for developing financial relations or taking shared money actions with a person born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.
If you work together with your spouse or intimate partner in 2016 there is the possibility of conflicts due to the actions or attacks of colleagues, managers, or customers towards your relationship. Such a relationship in your work will be under some tension for a period of time.
There may be conflict with a business partner, born under the sign of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.
During the year you will not expect any particular difficulties or limitations. Good income can be expected on the part of a spouse, or from the inheritance or the development of other unexpected circumstances in your favor.
The loss of someone will be a benefit for you. Naturally ...
News or an event related to cardinal change in outlook to a friend, change of religion, a party or other public position will shock you.
There will be news related to a serious lawsuit for someone among your circle of friends.
Bad news will come from abroad related to a person you know.
Complex developments will involve romantic relationships with foreigners, resulting in the possibility of different obstacles, delays, errors and misunderstandings.
Unexpected business trip in order public or professional appearance. You will be receiving recognition, an award of some sort, which will make you travel.
There is the possibility of new work related to travel, moving, hiking or traveling to work somewhere for a period of time. Any interference in money matters within your circle of friends will be at their expense - loss or it will result in a cooling of your contact with them. In some situations there will even be an experience of a kind of fraud or manipulation for the purpose of pecuniary or other advantage.
Distant travel, emigration, marriage abroad is likely for the young representatives of the star sign.
Very good and very bad things in your life will come in some way related to people born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.


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