PISCESБългарски език

This year will bring a lot of pleasant emotions, meetings and new acquaintances. An important role or influence in your life will be from people born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.
They can organize important gatherings or a series of meetings related to a particular topic of conversation, gatherings by interest or common cause..
During the year you will have a good income, enough to help with the specific needs of a child or grandchild, or take a trip associated with them. In some cases there will be remittances or a financial relationship with the child that will have a positive purpose, investment, help..
This will be a favorable year to care about your property outside of your community, or to purchase one..
There will be good news related to the birth of a child who will be born in the holiday / special day..
If you are involved in a lawsuit in which involves holdings of brother, sister or other relatives, prepare for an emotional struggle and conflicts without benefit to anyone, additional trouble or complications. Whatever the problem, the court case will not be resolved this year..
Overall, 2016 will be unfavorable year for judicial and legal affairs, regardless of what is permitted or regulated by them. During the year there will be a conflict with a parent born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Whatever the cause of tension between you, this will be temporary and eventually you will find agreement, success. But there will be several months of testing your relationship..
You will be very strong, feisty and stubborn when necessary to protect your own / primarily material interests. There will be an acquisition of a kind property with mild complications or problems. You will be very happy, because it will be part of your plan for the year..
It is possible to return to your parents' home or to your homeland and remain permanently. In 2016 many will return to their homelands and it will be not only for personal, but also for some other reason..
Success for gents above 35 years related to public appearance. You are about to offer some kind of participation in the event, a great event that will reward you for your participation with strong and unforgettable emotions..
This will be a favorable year for recreation, or rest in a special place or abroad. Regardless of your own sex, during the year you will be delighted by the award, bonus, gift, or benefit from a man..
Possibly there will be material acquisitions by lottery for Pisces men..
There will be an acquisition of property rights or property by a man (father, grandfather, husband, father-in-law, etc.). There will be liability in a professional or business plan. You will have the ability to start self-employment / business with the cooperation / participation of people from your family..
Soon you will have a new pet at home..
This will be a year in which many love connections will be validated and will launch a new family, a new home, perhaps a change of residence due to a new family..
There may be a new person in your home or a new pet..
There will be a new opportunity for you to develop at a personal or professional level, and it will come through a relatively young man. The appearance of a man born under the sign of Aquarius, Gemini or Libra in your life will be a benefit, whether the relationship will be intimate / personal or based on other grounds..
Pisces men will have a very strong relationship with a woman born under the sign of Libra, Gemini or Aquarius. How far it will go will depend primarily on her desire..
Good financial capabilities will provide for men to 35 years in 2016, mostly thanks to the money of others, inheritance, spouse development of mystical interests and others..
Be careful when you give / invest money in things that have a relationship with foreigners or with travel abroad. Do not trust everyone..
This will be an unfavorable year for judicial and legal cases related to money. If problems arise they will continue for a long time .....
There will be a health problem of a girl or young woman, as a result of falling in an accident that will require specialized or longer treatment..
Young girls will need to be careful with whom they show up and interact in society. There is a risk of being involved in an unpleasant situation, loss of reputation, and hence other personal / professional losses..
Unexpected new friendship will develop with a woman over 35 who will be your patron or will help you in certain situations. This is not about money but about protection in a social or professional environment..
Pisces women will be able to find their desired and comfortable work/business during the year, which will happen in a surprising, unexpected way..
You will create new projects or business ideas that you will be able to realize during the year..
Your mother or another female relative may also play a positive role in your education, career or business..
Do not trust Sagittarius Leo or Aries people when you are planning or working on projects / plans associated with distant travel. For those of you, whose purpose is to emigrate abroad, it may turn out to be a very disappointing dream come true.


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