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2016 will be dynamic, year, that will vary for you with many new contacts, frequent trips mainly in the country where you live. For success can hope those of you who work in the field of communications, media, tourism or transport. Forthcoming changes and new attitude, according to rapidly changing business conditions and employment. If you start a lawsuit to protect its rights or property, this year will definitely bring you luck. Time for a change in every respect, but after a well thought out plan of action. If you know what you want and how to achieve it, luck will be on your side. Forthcoming changes which in any case should not be started emotionally and hastily. Trouble can arise with a parent or a financial partner, born under the sign of Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces. Meetings and conversations with them on these issues will be intense, complex, lengthy. Always, however, will have some reasonable, rational solution.
The dynamics of the year should not make you too trusting to every good thing that happens to you, tempting proposal or interesting connection. Especially careful in this regard should be young women Cancer. Attention in your relationship with a young woman Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, may arise serious misunderstanding in your relationship with her. Possible situation, in which she might think, that you are using deceit or fraud against her and vice versa. Many of you will have to make a greater commitment and care at the home of parents or other close relatives. Possible events or actions associated with hereditary property, restoration or sale, rental and others. In some cases hereditary property may be the cause of a problem or dispute of rights, especially when it comes to giving as a testament of a man outside the family. Protect your home from incidents and if you do not have insurance do not forget to do so promptly. In your personal life will often experience every disharmony in relationships too emotionally painful. You will likely be easily offended or take comments, note as seeking for a reason for separation.

Possible signs of jealousy both from you, and from your partner. Overall 2016 does not imply sections or divorce, but if it comes to that moment it will be due to uncontrollable emotions and anger on your part or the part of your partner. During this year a new and unexpected opportunity, may arise, to work outside the place where you live right now (city or country). This trend is particularly strong in men Cancer. Different business and business relationships with a man from another city or country, which will respond favorably to your current position or business. Unexpected travel related to work or treatment for men over 35 years. Your family relationships, except for some unpleasant moments, which I already mentioned about, will be developed within what you have as a base before the start of 2016.
Reason for joy connected with a woman over 35, who will celebrate jubilee, success, popularity, profits and more. For ladies Cancer possible joy associated with a new home or a new member in the family: child, grandchild, son-in-law and others. A year in which many will rejoice a new pet. Wedding, which may be related both to yourself and to a person from the family of your spouse or intimate partner. Will be followed up and discussed, covered by a family, wedding or arrange marriage, which will not necessarily affect you personally. This may be related event with your friends, neighbors or relatives from your partner's side. Possible financial support or inheritance from relatives from your partner. In year 2016, many will seek contact with old love or will be looking for truth for already experienced separation. You can expect some recovery in relations with such person, in particular if there is a long distance between you. Your relationship will be on the level - friends, and you should not expect a revival of your love relationship. Any such pressure will fail and cool the little opportunity for good relations. If you have a current partner, who live or work abroad, who will delay or complicate some of your plans for cohabitation or marriage, getting together and moving into a home.
In 2016 a situation will occur that can be defined as theft, type of loss, encroaching on your property or intellectual work. Be very careful with every document or contract, which settled any financial relationships. Do not take vicarious liability of a financial nature, bank loan and others. Delay or failure of contract or agreement relating to monetary relations with a man born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Unpleasant situation will arise related to work and education of women in your family, mother, sister, daughter, niece and others. For yourself an unpleasant moment, will arise, in your workplace connected with a woman: colleague or manager who will create tension or panic over a period of time. You may be offered a new job, which will either be as not as good as depicted it to you or will very soon find out that this is not your place. The surprise for 2016 will be connected in some way with a child of a girlfriend or friends. Unexpected pregnancy or childbirth, which you will hear with delay.


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