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This year you will solving important personal relations. You will create new connections and you will have more clarity on the development of already established ones with people born under the sign of Sagittarius, Aries or Leo. You will experience emotional life dramas in the lives of your friends.
2016 will bring a financial conflict of interest with a young man. There may be disputes or confrontations on financial matters with a son, grandson or another young man in your family.
For young men, 2016 will be remembered because of an unexpected chance for financial success, gain, or a receipt of money from an unexpected place.
If you have several properties, a villa, or a holiday home; a complex and unnerving situation or problem may develop that will not be in your power to solve. You can look for outside help, but overall it will be a problem for which there will be a slowly evolving resolution.
A problem may arise concerning the sharing of a property with your relatives, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, or aunt. If you buy a property in 2016, obstacles and difficulties of all kinds will be encountered.
One of your most important commitments this year will be related to your father, grandfather or a son. There will be particularly strong relationships and common actions among men of different generations in your family, who kept the tradition of name: from grandfather to grandson ....

A new job, career, or a higher level of education may appear for a boy or man in your family. This year you will be invited to more than one wedding and many of unmarried people born under the sign of Leo will invite guests to his or her own wedding.
Important events will be the occasion for a gathering in your home or in the homes of your relatives. There may appear a new person in your home or a new pet.
If you are in the process of considering a new job, position, or business, 2016 will bring opportunities for such a change. You may be starting a new business with new customers or partners.
If you have a court case in 2016, you will receive the most favorable opportunity for the development of your trial or settlement. An unexpected event may occur associated with a document concerning property, a transfer of property rights, an inheritance or other.
There will be a proposal for new construction, a new home, or a general partnership.
Unexpected new neighbors or people will stay in your home for some time.
For family members born under the sign of Leo, there will be crucial relations with relatives from their partner's side. Mutual visits (if you live in another community), mutual assistance where necessary, financial joint action, sharing of money or other resources will be involved.
Travel abroad may involve your partner, family of a spouse and others.
Expect a large expenditure of funds related to travel or with relatives who live abroad, an expense for charity or for some other good cause. You will tend to be helpful to people who have a great need for such. You will be more compassionate and sympathetic to some outside pain or tragedy.
In public life, you will encounter misunderstanding or some kind of resistance from the people who are Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. If you are involved in politics, be alert to the ambitions of the people who are Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus.
Difficulties or greater care will be needed for a mother or relative on the maternal line. You can experience anxiety or fear associated with them, as well as with other close to you such as your wife / girlfriend. The main problem will be the lack of clarity or accurate, early diagnosis. The good thing is that everything will be completed successfully.
There will be a turning point in your relationship with your mother, grandmother or other female relative. The surprise of 2016 will somehow be linked to the development of your relationship with another woman or group of women.


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