CAPRICORNБългарски език

2016 will be a year of love, different emotions and storms, as well as your personal love affair and the love of grown-up children. There will be births of more girls in your immediate surroundings and among your friends. Many young women will become mothers. You will you tend to waste things acquired or given you; this may be due to your desire to take unnecessary risks, not to judge the real capabilities of people or situations. If you are reasonable in your actions you will aquire enough stability. Otherwise, you can anticipate unexpected losses and failures of your plans. Money will be generally too uncertain a matter for you during the year. Do not you anticipate difficulties, as long as you are reasonable and prudent when you organize and plan your budget and when you make commitments. This year will be complicated in terms of plans related to property purchase and costly belongings. Carefully monitor quality, contract conditions, guarantee and others.

There may be health problems associated with a brother / sister or other relatives. Forthcoming for you will be important personal communication or correspondence; do not rush to make decisions before you have security and understanding in what is happening. You will have many opportunities during the year; luck also will not be missing, but everything has to develop slowly, discreetly, without much fanfare before the final finish. Expect engagement or wedding in your home or in your circle of relatives during the year. In all cases, you will be part of a great family event. An important event will occur in the life of a parent, which will also be the occasion for a gathering. This will be a favorable year for solving problems connected to a sharing of property. You will return to the home or prepare for such after a period of study / work away from home. Now many will feel a strong connection between family and homeland especially for those of you who live far away. This will be a very successful year for people of art, those of you who are creators and writers. If you get a chance or call for public presentation of your talents, do not give up out of fear or embarrassment. This is your year when you can show your potential. Travel for tourism, recreation will be an opportunity that you can earn like a special reward, bonus, promotion. You will develop romantic relationships with partners from another location / country. There will be a birth of a child in a home where such joy has been long awaited. In 2016, many young men will try their luck at working in another city or country. This opportunity will occur through your direct contact, or an interview for a position, which you will pass successfully. Your son or grandson will return after a long stay in another city / country connected with work, school, etc. You may be setting up a new home or apartment, but will not necessarily be through a purchase .... You will have significant pressure in your work because of a man, but this is partly because this person wants to show your full potential, giving you an opportunity to get rid of some restrictions, inhibitions that you impose upon yourself for some reason. In men over 35 years, it is possible that you will have a fling / affair in the workplace or through professional contacts. Possibly there will be concrete actions by some of you to connect or share an inheritance coming through the father, grandfather or other male relative. There will be an unpleasant event / situation associated with a woman close to you born under the sign of Sagittarius, Aries or Leo, someone who lives or works abroad. An incident or other adverse event may happen to a woman born under the sign of Libra, Gemini or Aquarius, who lives far away from you (not living together). This will be a favorable year for travel or for staying abroad. Conflict with parents connected with money, general finance and others. Problems of a financial nature may arise between you and an employer manager, or representative of the authorities (regarding salary, etc.). Bad news, some event or incident may develop related to a person from your among your friends. Be cautious in contacts with people born under your own sign as well as with people born under the sign of Taurus and Virgo.


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