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2016 for you will be a difficult year to predict because there will always be an opportunity for change "at the last moment" before some new experience occurs.
If you have an expectation of development of issues and plans related to property or expensive property - be patient. Someone else will also have a similar desire and this may develop into some kind of conflict of interest.
Beware of theft or attacks on property to which you are entitled by law.
This year you can expect a significant change in performance, which will affect for good or for bad most of your salary. In most cases, the change will be good, but still, a small percentage of Virgo persons may squander their chance in anticipation of something better.
There will be a realization of an educational degree or completion of training or qualification, which will be a significant step in your career.

You may be receiving money from an inheritance or opportunities for good income from hereditary property, rent, compensation, insurance and others.
You are about to create many contacts with people from different cities and countries, and some of them, including a real meeting, are ahead of you during the year. Travel for such purposes will be mainly in the country where you live. In some rare cases, you will travel abroad for this purpose.
There will be a gathering with relatives connected with a family meeting, a big holiday or some other important occasion. In Virgo singles, a romantic acquaintance with a person from a distance will develop very quickly and unexpectedly for you. In Virgo women to 35 years, important responsibilities related to parents or male relatives will appear.
New person will appear in your home, probably a girl or woman.
A wedding of your relative or in your friendly neighborhood will take place, and you will be relatives / friends on the bride's side.
During the year, there will be the birth of more girls born under the sign of Virgo.
Your love life will be too unpredictable, with passage through various shocks, reconciliations, beginning and end or an end followed by a new beginning ....
You will favorably resolve a complex problem associated with the child.
There is the possibilty of gynecological or urological ailments, but with the possibility of quick and efficient treatment / recovery.
Young Virgo men will have opportunities for a stable career and a successful business. You will need to invest money in some kind of training or qualifications, an investment that will be worthwhile.
It is possible to start a new business or to help in the business of a young man in your family.
If you have a spouse born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, 2016 may be an uneasy time for your family. Beforehand, you will be attacked by various intrigues, gossip, attempts to interfere in your personal life in various forms.
Now it will be important to show stability and to remain calm, no matter what you experience. Each event now will matter, but it should develop itself, with very little or no intervention on your part.
You may have difficulties of health or personal reasons related to a man, a relative from the side of husband / wife or boyfriend / girlfriend.
There will be a life separation associated with a man who has some connection with your family or neighborhood/environment.
There will be an appearance in your life to a new person or new people from another nationality / religion.
There will be conflict with such a person born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.
Difficulties or other obstacles will appear when traveling abroad, but they will be more of a personal nature, such as a conflict with someone in your immediate surroundings.
2016 year will be complicated and problematic if you are involved in some form of public or political life. It will be hard to realize what you have as an idea or plan. There will be a confrontation with people born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius associated with important documents, contracts, and issues discrediting others.
There will be a happy event related to the mother or a relative on the maternal line.
There will be unexpected events in the love life of your friends, which can be like a small special story or theme of movie. The surprise of 2016 will be linked to the birth of the child girl, with your daughter or granddaughter.
Actions of Gemini, Aquarius or Libra women can bring greater, bigger changes in your life in one form or another.


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